Root Expansion Ep

by Son of Saturn



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Well, I've been put through the ringer this year.. and those of you who know me personally, know that my troubles are far from over. So I present this humble offering to all of you with an open, and quite raw heart. I've genuinely stopped thinking about creating music that I imagine people expect from me. I put a beat in my headphones, touch the pen to the paper and let it move on it's own. Sometimes it doesn't move at all, so I don't force it. So often what happens is a surprise to me as well. Sometimes I don't even like it... and you may not either. There was no planning involved in this process whatsoever. I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality, but as it is, I am working with the bare minimum right now. Maybe when I return next summer, I will take more time to craft a higher quality record, with features and professional mastering and such. In the mean time, this is what came up... so here it is.

I have a difficult 5 months ahead of me, I ask that you all keep me in your thoughts and prayers from time to time, and I'm projecting love to all of you as well. I am infinitely blessed to have such an incomprehensibly amazing Queen in my life, and one of a kind, loving friends, family, and fans who always support me through thick and thin. As we know, all crisis can be opportunity in disguise, all we have to do is change our perception. Beautiful transformation and exponential spiritual growth are imminent.

May all beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness. May we be free from suffering and the root of suffering. May we not be separate from the great happiness devoid of suffering. May we dwell in the great equanimity that is free from passion, aggression, and ignorance.

In Gassho,
Your servant... SoS


released December 12, 2014

1. Spiritual Materialism (Prod: Saga)
2. Clear Light Of The Void (Prod: Lord Gamma)
3. Faith, Belief, Knowledge (Prod: Boonie Mayfield)
4. Samsaric Refuge (Prod: Bars Family Biz)
5. The Six Paramitas (Prod: Boonie Mayfield)
6. Dependent Origination (Prod: Lord Gamma)
7. Sigils Of Causality (Prod: Lord Gamma)
8. Ultima Bellum (Prod: June Marx)
9. 7 Pyres (Prod: Vherbal)
10. Straight Razor (Prod: Saga)



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